I was standing in front of him, feeling of happiness ready to burst out of me, I walked gently towards him and had no words to speak, instead, I smiled.

He without showing any sign of recognition just stared at me with a puzzled look. I patiently waited for him to show some reaction, towards my visit.

After a few minutes he called out for his wife, soon she came and I briefed her about my visit. She then told me, that my principle was suffering from memory loss and remembered no one.

I realized that I was faded from his memory. Once the bespectacled girl who was his favorite was now a girl whom he had nothing to do with.

I just kept the rose I had bought for him in his hand, which he kept staring at with a confused look. I without looking back, walked away sadly with tears in my eyes, as the black clouds entered the sky ready to pour.



A Teen writer and poetess book:https://www.wattpad.com/story/248826336-time-for-me-to-speak-and-for-you-to-listen, happy reading!💗💗

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