“No matter what your differences are, you have to embrace them and be proud of the way you are.” — Jazz Jennings.

A very Happy June to all of you! As we all know, the month of June is also known as Pride Month, and I say that those who celebrate pride month are really very unique, so this is what makes this month a special one. In this blog, I will be telling for me, what this Pride Month symbolizes.

I wasn’t aware of what the LGBTQ was until 2020 arrived and our school hosted an assembly educating us about it. I am indeed proud of my school, because, unlike other Indian Schools, my school did not feel uncomfortable about apprising us on this topic.

When I first heard about Pride Month, Unique was the word that came to my mind. People say they are different, but for me no, people of the LGBTQ are unique rather than different. When I researched more, I felt that Pride Month is something that depicts courage and boldness.

One needs a lot of strength to confess something which people think is unacceptable. I can give my own example- when I am the only girl hanging out with my other male friends, numerous Indian people around me, think that is not good and do not abide the fact that I have more male friends, so I wasn’t able to accept myself either because of the mentality of the people in the society, but I gave myself courage and positiveness, and now, without any fear I hang out with anyone I want, indirectly I have conceded to the people around me that yes, I am different,

I feel the same is with LGBTQ.

I am really proud of all those friends, people who came out different and did not hesitate to reveal their true identity, as self-acceptance is hard, but you people have faced all the obstacles, for, in the end, your own happiness matters. Society and the people keep saying whatever they want and you have no support but you still figure yourself out valiantly, supporting yourself, holding yourself together and pushing back your fears, you become one powerful human

I would furthermore express that LGBTQ is something really beautiful and amazing because it has its own way to spread love and happiness.

To conclude, I would say, love is love for it can be between anyone and there are no rules in love, also we all are one lord’s creation hence we all are equal! To all my LGBTQ friends out there, I would want to convey that you guys have my heart and I appreciate your bravery and the way you came out as something unique,

I am sending each one of you a lot of love and wishing you A very Happy Pride Month.

A/N: Heyya Raspberries! Hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog and I wrote this one with the thought of changing the world and making this world a better place to live in! As I said, for Me the Pride Month represents Valour and fearlessness, do let me know in the comments -what does The Pride Month mean to you?

Thank you for reading, see you next time, lots of love, Ruhee❤🍒✨



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